Phonebloks: Dave Hakkens

Curator: Ryan Hovenweep
date: October 23, 2013
Categories: Experience Design
Tags: hardware, industrial design, phone
Phonebloks product design

A phone that allows you to upgrade hardware components without having to dispose of the whole device. The Cradle-to-Cradle solution for our phone hardware lust.

Apple sold nine million phones in one weekend after releasing the iPhone 5s and 5c. Some of those people are getting a phone for the first time, but for many, the new phone is replacing an existing product. The mobile phone has become such an essential tool for so many of us that we tend to use and abuse them and go back for more. 

Enter Dave Hakkens, a designer who sees the problem and devises an elegant solution that would allow us to consume—not only more responsibly, but also more intelligently. Phonebloks allows users to customize their phone hardware with a series of interlocking components and tiles that fit together to incorporate all of the elements we’ve come to expect from a modern phone. Screen, memory, battery, camera and sensors all act as interchangeable parts. 

Not only can users swap out broken parts, they can also upgrade and personalize their phones to meet their needs. I’m always impressed by a design solution that manages to solve multiple problems in a single execution.

Descriptive video about Phonebloks

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