PhoneBook: Mobile Art Lab

Curator: Tali Krakowsky
date: September 22, 2011
Categories: Book & Magazine Design, Entertainment Design, Experience Design
Tags: education, interactivity, iPhone, media, storytelling
PhoneBook, by Mobile Art Lab

A truly seamlessly integrated physical-digital PhoneBook for children by Mobile Art Lab.

Even as a lover of the digital, it’s impossible not to crave a more corporeal presence for much of the virtual magic in our lives.


Architects still design fantastical places and designers are creating more and more spectacular digital spaces, but finding something that blends the two brilliantly is rare. So you have to envy the PhoneBook by Mobile Art Lab.


What’s amazing to me about it is how interaction design and storytelling is slowly starting to crawl out of the screen. This project embodies everything that I love: storytelling that beautifully integrates traditional narrative with interactivity, inventive use of emerging technologies and a seamless integration of physical experiences with digital media.


Compare any iPhone game to the experience of interacting with something tangible. It’s impossible. It’s like a nicotine patch instead of a cigarette—all the nicotine is technically delivered directly to the blood stream but without the experience you barely know it and rarely enjoy it.


It’s time for digital design to think outside the screen box. How we touch our media is as important as how content responds to us.

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