Piramida: Hvass and Hannibal

Curator: Jett Butler
date: October 16, 2013
Categories: Illustration, Packaging Design, Typography
Pirimida album packaging

Gorgeous, enigmatic packaging by Copenhagen’s Hvass and Hannibal is a perfect fit for Efterklang’s concept album Piramida.

This is pure guilty pleasure: a lost city close to the Arctic, maps you can’t read, enigmatic diagrams expressing something about mining, vellum sheets, the fall of Communism, haunting photography, a video with polar bear defense instructions and a film—throughout, the charm and complete humility of Efterklang’s endlessly inclusive and achingly beautiful song craft. 

Pirimida CD packaging

Album cover

Vellum sheet with map overlaid on photography that appears on the following page

Detail of vellum sheet

Album packaging

Poster for the film

I’m the nerd that bought this on CD and on vinyl, just to be sure I hadn’t missed anything (oh, and because I love this band). The layered vellum sheets over full-color matte stock is a gesture I’ve not seen employed this well since Morphosis’ second monograph.
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