Pixelstick: Bitbanger Labs

Curator: Eric Rodenbeck
date: November 8, 2013
Categories: Entertainment Design, Motion Graphics
Tags: art, design technology, Light painting
Look for the artifact of two bikes on either side of the floating abstract square.

I don’t even know how to start explaining this, because a) these days I spend more time in front a computer than I do behind a DSLR, and b) I turn into a drooling, excited eight-year-old boy at the thought of painting with light, which is exactly what the Pixelstick lets you do. 

Painting. With freaking light!

Made by Brooklyn-based maker group Bitbanger Labs, the Pixelstick lets people create beautiful light paintings to photos and stunning, surreal animations to videos and time-lapses. The whole thing is powered by using a controller, 198 RGB LEDs, and 8 AA batteries. And, of course, pure genius. 

My favorite part of the image above is the artifact of what looks like a bicycle or two, ghostly moving behind the pulsating square. You can see similarly lovely apparitions in this demo video.

The guts of the magic.

Floating. Graffiti.

What’s that? Light-based graffiti images suspended in midair? Yeah, no big deal. It’s just the beautiful future happening before our very eyes. It’s no wonder their Kickstarter campaign has tripled its goal, with over a month still to go.
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