Rechner: Berger and Föhr

Curator: Kim Pimmel
date: May 8, 2012
Categories: Experience Design
Tags: Design, gui, iPhone, minimal, monochrome, nui, UI, ux

You’ll wind up swiping your finger or giving it the finger: Rechner is an iPhone calculator app that foregoes UI for NUI.

Designed by Berger and Föhr, Rechner explores the notion of replacing many of the buttons you find on typical calculators with touch gestures.

If you’re comfortable with learning a set of simple, easy-to-learn gestures to operate it, it’s quite a natural, pleasant experience—especially with the blippy, arcade game sound design that makes you feel like crunching numbers 
can be fun.

However, the responsiveness between commands lags a little, and may slow down speedy calculator users.

Could use some differentiation in the sound used for + and x, and the same for - and %

Get Rechner (iTunes Store).

Basic gesture set

Minimal design

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