Reinventing Healthcare: Novant Health

Curator: Rachel Martin
date: May 10, 2013
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Corporate Communications Design, Environmental Design, Experience Design, Information Design
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Novant Health signage

Novant Health is a network of physician clinics, outpatient centers and hospitals that serves the states of North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia. They have a vision to reinvent healthcare and transform the patient experience. Novant Health worked with New York–based firm Prophet to help develop a new strategy and brand that reflect their series of transformations in the healthcare field.

I’ve been excited to see the new brand first-hand since one of our main hospitals in Charlotte, Presbyterian Medical Center, is part of this network. Most healthcare design is stoic, boring and (frankly) bad, so I’m very pleased to see this new simple and bold approach that does an excellent job of making healthcare look well-designed and smart. I particularly like the N: mark and how the colon forms an “H” in the negative space.

It’s such a freshly designed brand that I’m even thinking of changing healthcare providers to experience what forward-thinking and remarkable healthcare is like. I mean, wouldn’t you? Our entire healthcare system needs a redesign, but if each network like Novant Health uses design thinking to create this positive change, I’m hopeful to see where it goes.  

Novant Health’s new vision for healthcare harnesses The Living Principles for Design through its impact, desirability, need and long-view approach. It’s helping to establish harmonious and healthy conditions in which all members of society can flourish.

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