RO/LU Presents "Surfaces On Which Your Setting and Sitting Will Be Uncertain"

Curator: Hayley Eichenbaum
date: December 15, 2014
Categories: Art, Product Design
Tags: art, furniture

It's easy to feel over-stimulated by the sheer amount of work that sprinkles the Floridian coast during Design Miami, but one presentation in particular stood out for both its structural simplicity and conceptual complexity. Of all the work that passed through my web feed, I kept returning to an installation featured at Patrick Parrish Gallery titled “Surfaces on Which Your Setting and Sitting Will Be Uncertain,” a project conceived by RO/LU, a design firm out of St. Paul, Minneapolis. The group paired their sculptural furniture with matching clothing by Various Projects' collaboration with Print All Over Me.

RO/LU produced a furniture collection made from wire mesh in the form of a three-dimensional grids that give the illusion of instability. These forms were then placed in a room wallpapered in a two-dimensional grid of the same measurements. To boot, models roamed in and out of the gallery wearing matching apparel to remind us that there's an inherent link between object and individual. And the camouflaging of the objects within the space present a fluidity while serving up a wild visual ride.

The objects record the history of their use, as the wire pieces change slightly with each interaction. For me, the most poetic part of this installation is that we become aware that all objects, images, and ideas are enmeshed with those who use them. RO/LU's work, in particular, has a life of its own. Its breath comes directly from consumer connection.

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