Saturn V Relaunch: Paul Sahre

Curator: Jeshurun Webb
date: May 29, 2013
Categories: Experience Design, Packaging Design
Tags: Design, empathy, family, memory, Paul Sahre, rocket
Patch created for the Kickstarter campaign

Paul Sahre is honoring his late aerospace engineer father with a tribute rocket relaunch. It sounds simple enough. The only materials required are a vintage Saturn V rocket kit no. 2140 found on eBay, a launch site and painstaking craftsmanship to glue and sand to 1/100 scale specification. But it’s so much more than that.

Design can help organize and define relationships as well as build capacity for empathy. In this case, the designed object becomes an entry point and a location for a memory-based performance. 

Through a comprehensive kickstarter campaign, he invited the public to participate and follow along in rebuilding the model rocket. His father built the original 40 years ago with hope and anticipation over several months. Unfortunately, the parachute never deployed, and his family had to watch as the rocket crashed back to the ground. This is a story of his family, of our families and a desire to rewrite the ending.

Mantra for the relaunch project, silkscreened to raise money for support

T-shirt created to raise funds for support on Kickstarter

The Saturn V Model rocket

By fostering intimacy with strangers, he shows us in a simple way what design can aspire to. It can communicate with purity that cuts through every other intention. I love the idea of a designer collaborating with someone who isn’t here any longer and engaging with his own sons—who will get to know their grandfather through their dad’s storytelling project. Paul, thanks for inviting us along on your time travel.

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