Screen Shotgun: Jason Scott and Kyle Way

Curator: Sha Hwang
date: July 2, 2014
Categories: Entertainment Design
Tags: archival, videogames
Various screenshots from Screen Shotgun by Jason Scott and Kyle Way

How do you archive video games? This isn't an idle question—the MoMA has now acquired over a dozen video games, and last year the Cooper Hewitt acquired the exploratory iPad app Planetary. Last week, Jason Scott and Kyle Way from the Internet Archive wrote about their efforts and a new tool, the Screen Shotgun, to help archive old software in an automated way. 

Instead of a manual method, the Screen Shotgun boots up an emulated version of the console, and then begins snapping screenshots, much like a paparazzi when a celebrity leaves their home. Instead of tabloids, though, what we get out of it are, of course, gifs. These little peeks into past worlds are incredible. We can now see's thousands of video game cartridges is a huge win for preserving facets of the software we make. 

Alex Kidd, Aimated gif generated with Screen Shotgun

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