Sophia Nuske Ceramics Make You question everyday objects

Curator: DANIEL - EMMA
date: April 28, 2015
Categories: Product Design
Ceramic Bandaids

Sophia Nuske is a ceramic artist based in Adelaide, Australia. Through handmade replicas, Nuske invites the viewer to refocus their attention on common, overlooked objects. By playing with the inherent language of these things, the chains of associated ideas are stretched, creating humorous juxtapositions guided by wordplay. 

Her subtly altered objects are then resituated in the gallery, installed amongst items of the everyday to mimic their original context. This creates a game with the viewer in which one tries to determine what is real or a copy, reinforcing the playful quality underpinning Nuske's practice. Through installations, Nuske invites viewers to renegotiate their surroundings and how they engage with everyday objects.

Completing Honors in 2013 at the University of South Australia gave Nuske the opportunity to develop her ceramic work in a sculpture/installation context. In 2014, she was awarded the Adelaide City Council Acquisitive Prize and went to The Pottery Workshop Jingdezhen in China as part of the Helpmann Academy residency program. This year, Nuske will be working from a studio within The Jam Factory, and later undertaking a mentorship in South Korea.

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