Spaxels Drone Lightpainting

Curator: Heydays
date: May 21, 2015
Categories: Art, Entertainment Design, Motion Graphics

The Ars Electronica Futurelab is experimenting with long-time exposure shots to create three models and animations in the sky.

Spaxels (a portmanteau word from space pixels) are LED-equipped quadcopters. They make up a drone swarm that can “draw” three-dimensional figures in midair. They create an extraordinary visual experience and open up an unprecedented new dimension of aesthetic expression.

“In the dead of night, the strange glowing objects take to the sky in perfect formation, forming shapes and moving with pinpoint accuracy. To the untrained eye, they look like a fleet of tiny UFOs rising up. However, in reality this is one of the most impressive demonstrations of quadrocopters, tiny four bladed flying machines, flying in a ‘swarm.’”
  • Stephen Cadman


  • Nancy

    The idea of having LED equipped quadcopters creating three dimensional figures in the night sky is a unique way of putting on a show for an audience. This creation is a great example of showing how advanced we are today with, not only technology, but with design and art. While these small drones can both be simple and powerful, I can agree on how people may mistaken them as UFOS rising. The amazing outcome of their movement and accuracy can lead to greater developments and ideas towards the future.

  • Precisa terazi
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