Spirit of 77: OMFGco

Curator: Kate Bingaman-Burt
date: June 30, 2011
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Entertainment Design, Environmental Design
Tags: branding, environmental
Spirit of 77 makes sports cards that I actually want to collect and trade.

This year something monumental happened...I ended up being passionate about a sports team (Go Blazers), and I found myself LOVING a sports bar (Spirit of 77). What. The. Hell. Is. Happening? How did my general angst toward all things team and ball related disappear? Well, I blame OMFGco and their skillful execution of Spirit of 77.

OMFGco make a lot of things that make me smack my forehead over their goodness. They are masterful, holistic thing makers (See: Ace Hotel, Clyde Common and Olympic Provisions to pick up what I am laying down). 

Spirit of 77 is different, however, in that this is their creation from concept to execution. From the custom built pop-a-shots, to designing t-shirts and menus, to creating the amazing Spirit of 77 sign...this place is from THEIR BRAINS. And people love it. 

Full House!

See, she is excited about Spirit of 77, and I am excited about Spirit of 77 too!

Custom Pop-a-Shots to keep you fit between eating and watching TV

Inside bike parking?? Yes, Please!

Satisfied Customers

I want to see more designers doing work like Spirit of 77. Let's come up with business models and use our skills to realize living, breathing experiences. One, two, three...GO!

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