Superkilen: Topotek 1, BIG Architects and Superflex

Curator: Manuel Miranda
date: June 9, 2014
Categories: Environmental Design
Tags: Bjarke Ingels Group, Copenhagen, participatory design, Superflex, Topotek1, Urban parks
Superkilen Urban Park

Superkilen is a public park in Copenhagen that was designed by a project team consisting of arts group Superflex, landscape architecture firm Topotek 1, and architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group. The project team also involved local community members with the design process.

The park opened in 2012 in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen, the most ethnically diverse area of the Danish capital. The park is divided into three sections that each frame a different program for the park: the Red Square, an open plaza that is carpeted in a giant red supergraphic; the Black Market, a meeting area that is patterned with white squiggly lines on blacktop that contains barbecue facilities, tables for games, and a playground; and the Green Park, a grassy area for lounging and sports. The park is connected by bike lanes, walkways, and a collection of urban fixtures imported from the countries represented by the area's largely immigrant population. Local inhabitants participated in curating these objects by traveling to their countries of origin with the project team to help select the materials. 

Part urban planning utopia, part exhibition of vernacular signage from around the world, the park is a premier example of artists, designers, community members and city government working together to make engaging public space that is both culturally significant and sensitive to local needs. 

Red Square

Black Market

Green Park

Superkilen Plan

  • tuvalet tıkanıklığı

    what a good street, images are very beatiful thanks

  • tuvalet tıkanıklığı

    what a good street, images are very beatiful thanks

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