Svpply app: Allan Yu

Curator: Randy J. Hunt
date: August 16, 2012
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Experience Design, Typography
Tags: App, Color, commerce, interaction, ipad, iPhone, minimal, product, shopping
The Svpply app for iPhone

The iOS apps from social shopping site Svpply are lessons in “just enough.” Brand consistency, smart interactions and a great frame to set the stage for high quality photos of interesting products, these apps just plain feel good.

I’ve heard Svpply described as “Pinterest for men.” I’d say that’s accurate but incomplete. Founder Ben Pieratt has described his original motivation as trying to create a FFFFOUND! for products. The earliest incarnation of Svpply did a great job of creating that stream of inspiration experience—highly visual, all photo-based, minimal interface elements.

What’s happening with Svpply’s iPhone and iPad apps and their recent updates is feeling quite new. Designer Allan Yu has taken the spirit of content-as-interface-and-little-else, and pulled that out into something much more than a stream of things.

A few key sections are identified by simple blocks of color that follow you around. Just enough to orient yourself, nothing more. Transitions between views have quick, subtle animations. The animation and color create moments of fun in an otherwise intentionally neutral-frame experience.

Let’s not forget the snappy little Svpply logo, a “v” for a “u” that says, “I’m clever and historically aware.” It also manages to playfully circumnavigate all of the -er/-sy URLs that have become so common.


Category menu in Svpply for iPhone

Viewing your feed in Svpply for iPhone

Viewing a collection in Svpply for iPhone

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