The Bay Lights: Leo Villareal

Curator: Local Projects
date: March 7, 2013
Categories: Experience Design
Tags: LED, Leo Villareal, san francisco, urban spaces
Photo: Jordan Kinley
The Bay Lights, the world’s largest LED sculpture, by artist Leo Villareal

Tuesday night was the premiere of New York–based artist Leo Villareal’s newest project, The Bay Lights. This massive LED installation illuminates the entire space between the deck and signature peaks of suspension cables that fill out the iconic silhouette of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge. 

The sheer scale and visibility of this twinkling mass stretching across the bay may pander to our bigger-is-better instincts, but we’ll freely admit that we envy what local residents must be seeing in person whether by car, bike or (if they’re lucky) directly from their office or home given the multiple vantage points the hilly Bay Area affords.

Installation trailer for Bay Lights

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