The Church of Type Will Convert You

Curator: TRÜF
date: October 9, 2014
Categories: Art, Illustration, Information Design, Poster Design, Typography
Tags: Letterpress, Print, Typography
Church of Type
Voo Doo Robot

From Gutenberg to the Heidelberger press, moveable type sparked the mass production of printed books and was the first time information and ideas could be circulated on a global scale. The printing press was really our first Internet of sorts, and certainly the catalyst for typography and information and graphic design as we know it. 

Metal, ink, and sweat has largely been replaced by Adobe, Apple, and hundreds of digital type houses. And that's all good and “progressy.” But what's really exciting is seeing how these classic industrial printing tools are being reused and rethought to produce amazing new artwork that bridges the gap between old and new, fine art and design, and explores the cracks in between.

Enter Church of Type, Kevin Bradley's Santa Monica, CA art and design studio that works "exclusively in the sweet science of authentic handset letterpress…and houses one of the most extensive wood and metal type collections in use today." 

The church recently opened its doors in our neighborhood and immediately drew me in. Sure, there are thousands of great independent letterpress studios around the country, but what sets Church of Type apart is how Kevin wields his antique industrial machinery like a paintbrush, creating rich, vibrant, soulful, and often wild pieces of art that elevate his studio and craft to a more creative and enlightened plane.

If you worship type and are a true believer that art can come in any form, this is the church for you. Can I get an Amen?!

Church of Type

Church of Type
Untitled Robot

Church of Type
Super Drunk Bot

—Adam Goldberg
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