The Chipotle Lorem Ipsum Bag

Curator: Kevin Budelmann and Yang Kim
date: July 12, 2011
Categories: Advertising, Packaging Design
Tags: Lorem ipsum
Photo by Chute Gerdeman

Chipotle does a lot of things right. They make great burritos. They let you order from your smartphone. They’re fast. And they also have very memorable merchandising material, especially this bag.

One side of the bag is designed with stream-of-consciousness writing on it: “It’s probably too small for your dreams & aspirations…” But wait… The other side is even more inspiring. They actually had the guts to print lorem ipsum on it!

Every graphic designer has used lorem ipsum—shorthand for a famous Latin passage (often called “Greeking,” but that’s another story)—but few of us know what means. Not that it really matters. It’s easy to recognize it as placeholder or “dummy” text. Which is why, when confronted with it in the real world printed on these Chipotle bags, anyone in the know would gasp and think, “Oh no! Somebody didn’t catch this!”

Been there. But look closer. The lettering is handwritten. Duis vitae libero nibh. Ut erat sapien, ornare ut elementum ut, porttitor eget sem. See what we mean? No one would spend this kind of time writing this by hand if they didn’t intend to print it. 

Photo by Paulo Ordoveza
The Chipotle Lorem Ipsum Bag

Lorem ipsum is definitely in the consciousness of designers. We’re not sure if this bag idea was conceived to appeal to designers like us, if they simply thought it’d be funny, or if the stream-of-consciousness idea ran out of steam. Whatever the case, lorem ipsum isn’t just for sketches anymore.

We don’t know who came up with this clever design, but we'd love to find out. Does anyone know?

UPDATE: Thank you, Sequence, for identifying yourself as the brains behind this bag. (See the comment from AKiefer below.)
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