"The Collecteur" is Fashion Still Life with Personality

Curator: TRÜF
date: October 6, 2014
Categories: Art, Photography
Tags: Fashion, Photography
© 2014 The Collecteur

I recently saw this Instagram as one of “five to follow” in T Magazine under fashion things, and I immediately fell in love with the quirky images and unique idea to curate and style high-fashion items like shoes, bags, clothing, and jewelry into avant garde still-life images.

The faces, figures and arrangements in each illustration are distinctly new in style beyond what the original designer may have intended. Created earlier this year by Pittsburgh-based artist and designer Giulia Scalese, "The Collecteur" is a visual diary of her favorite fashions. I love her eye for color, shape, and graphic motifs, and can’t wait until she posts the next one.

Follow her on Instagram @thecollecteur.

© 2014 The Collecteur
Weird pony hair bag and keychain

© 2014 The Collecteur
Fifties Sweaters and painted nails

© 2014 The Collecteur
Yin Yang Vibes

© 2014 The Collecteur
The Royal Tenenbaums

© 2014 The Collecteur
Wink & a Smile

© 2014 The Collecteur
Self-portrait of the artist

—Monika Kehrer

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