The Daily Prophet: MinaLima

Curator: Annie Atkins
date: March 18, 2014
Categories: Entertainment Design, Typography
Layout design for Hogwarts’ local newspaper, the Daily Prophet

Newspaper design can be relatively straightforward when you’re working on a period movie, but when you’re designing for a fictional world—like Harry Potter—things can get interesting.

The newspapers in the Harry Potter movies are famous for their animated photographs, but it’s the layout design that I love the most. The typography has a mid-century feel to it—lots of blackletter and illuminated initials—and the layout of the columns has a fantastical element, illustrating the subject at hand. Poor Harry’s alleged heartbreak is spread across the pages of the Daily Prophet in a series of heart and arrow shaped columns, and the story of his “Teenage Tragedy” is typeset within the shape of the Triwizard cup.

The graphic design team behind the Potter movies, MinaLima, are selling beautiful limited edition prints of some of the props featured in the films —including some front pages from the Daily Prophet. I am always filled with design envy when I look at their work—these are some of the most magical graphic props in the history of film design. 
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