The Girl Effect: The Nike Foundation

Curator: Rule29
date: September 16, 2011
Categories: Advertising, Illustration, Information Design, Motion Graphics
Tags: Design, Poverty, The Girl Effect

The Girl Effect is something I became aware of after my first trip to the slums of Africa in 2008. After being forever altered by working among the extreme poor, I started to research all I could to understand as many aspects of this situation as possible. Discovering its complexity, its generational effect, and its often awful historical layers at times left me defeated and hopeless. At the same time, wrapping my mind around the concept of incremental change and seeing different NGOs and other organizations actually producing change invigorates and inspires me on a regular basis. Which brings me to mention one particular awareness campaign: The Girl Effect.

I highlight it for two reasons: first, its creative is memorable and easy to understand. In this world of clutter, even in helping the poor, it’s refreshing to experience something like their site and video.

But second, and most important, it turns out adolescent girls in the developing world are a big key to helping change communities. I have seen it firsthand. I contacted The Girl Effect, and they sent this PDF for basic facts and wanted to highlight a key fact that makes me appreciate this campaign even more. They have raised almost $700,000 dollars, which goes straight to programs that work directly with girls in developing countries. The premise of the Girl Effect isn’t “give us your money”—it‘s “give us your voice.” So people are compelled to give.

Now it’s your turn. Check out the big picture, and see if this resonates with you.

—Justin Ahrens
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