The Gourmand

Curator: Dan Rhatigan
date: May 7, 2014
Categories: Book & Magazine Design
Cover of issue 3 of The Gourmand

The Gourmand is a London-based journal about food and eating “with a broad subject base and an international reach.” It’s got a refreshingly unorthodox approach to its editorial and visual content, celebrating food and its consumption from many points of view.

In many ways, it feels like a food-centric version of Nest, a magazine that was more about a broad range of interesting spaces than it was about interior design. Similarly, the art direction of The Gourmand goes for striking and surprising visual approaches to food, ideas related to it or people who eat it. 

The photography in particular is refreshing, exploring what we eat in more abstract or inventive ways than just showing cuisine that looks tantalizing.

Typographically, art director David Lane works with a restrained palette and structure, but achieves surprising grace and personality using two tricky typefaces that usually don’t feel contemporary—Monotype Grotesque and Cheltenham Bold Headline. 

Spread from issue 3 of The Gourmand

Spread from issue 3 of The Gourmand

The Gourmand isn’t published frequently, but it’s already caught the attention of the Design Museum in London, with a nomination as one of its Designs of the Year for 2013. The third issue is almost ready, but the previews look as compelling as ever.
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