The Grand Budapest Hotel poster: Annie Atkins

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date: March 28, 2014
Categories: Entertainment Design, Typography
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The Grand Budapest Hotel theatrical poster

Irish designer Annie Atkins lived up (and then some) to the monumental dream assignment of handling the graphic design elements for Wes Anderson’s latest feature film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, including this theatrical poster and its custom title treatment. 

It’s a beautiful poster in and of itself, and it also perfectly captures the macro/micro scope of Wes Anderson’s cinematic world, framing a literal miniature of the titular hotel against a painted landscape backdrop. It’s rare for a movie poster to take full advantage of the 27-x40-inch frame in such a detailed way, and without a single image of the film’s characters, leaving our imaginations brimming as to what's in store within the narrative, within those hotel walls, and beyond. 

With Anderson himself as an intimate art director, Annie worked on set in Germany to create everything you see printed in the film: passports, maps, tickets, stamps, menus, notes, letters and even carpet patterns, using thoroughly researched period typography and designs as a foundation for creating and embellishing a fictional European world. The poster’s title treatment, also seen as the hotel’s sign in the film itself, was inspired by a steel hotel sign from 1930s Cairo, awkward kerning and all. Annie’s work brings a loved and studied historical past back to life in such an admirable and inspiring way.

The Grand Budapest Hotel title treatment

To learn more about Annie’s outstanding work on the film, check out this piece at Creative Review as well as this interview at Totally Dublin

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