The Great Gatsby: Catherine Martin

Curator: Annie Atkins
date: March 19, 2014
Categories: Entertainment Design
Tags: Movie design
The Great Gatsby, 2013
Neon signage

Baz Luhrmann’s vision for the Roaring Twenties was implemented by his longtime collaborator, the inimitable designer Catherine Martin. 

Aside from the set design, there was a huge amount of graphic design required in filmmaking for this period: newspaper headlines, vintage photography, calligraphy, posters, scrapbooks and the extraordinary neon signage of the 1920s. It must have been a hugely demanding project for the art department, but also a hugely rewarding one—The Great Gatsby took all the design prizes at the Oscars and the Art Directors Guild awards this year. 

Baz Luhrmann says of the design of the movie: “It’s generally a quiet, internal story about very loud, colorful, intense things.”

Production design: Catherine Martin
Associate production designer: Karen Murphy
Supervising art director: Ian Gracie
Set decorator: Beverley Dunn
Graphic designer: Michael Wholley
Graphic artist: Craig Mandile
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