The Pot Book: Hans Stofregen

Curator: Hilary Greenbaum
date: April 5, 2012
Categories: Book & Magazine Design, Typography
The Pot Book, cover

Recently released by Phaidon, The Pot Book is an alphabetically structured, 320-page volume devoted to pottery, and designed by Hans Stofregen. The cover struck me while I was in a bookstore last week with its gridded structure and blueprint-looking monotone color. While restricting the color of each photograph on the cover obscures the representation of the individual works, the strategy emphasizes the variety of their shapes and consequently their identities as objects.

While some may criticize the simplicity of its interior design (the same exact layout is used for every image plate), I find it refreshing when designers are smart enough to know when not to compete with really stunning images. The typography is thoughtfully set, but when flipping through the book, it recedes to allow for the pottery itself to remain primary.

The Pot Book, sample spread

The Pot Book, sample spread

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