The Transfinite: Ryoji Ikeda

Curator: Elle Kim
date: January 3, 2012
Categories: Experience Design
The Transfinite at Park Avenue Armory

Sensory overload. Sublime spectacle. Pleasure and horror. If anyone had the chance to experience Ryoji Ikeda’s The Transfinite at the Armory Show in NY back in May, these are some descriptions that might come to you. Ikeda is one of the few international artists working across both visual and sonic media. He works with sound, light, visuals and mathematical concepts to create orchestrated installations and live performances worldwide.

The Transfinite is a huge-scale electronic light, visual and sonic installation. A 54 foot by 40 foot wall and the floor serve as a screen to project repetitive patterns of light and numerical data. He orchestrates light, sounds and rhythm that demand all your senses. You experience the work. This piece is enjoyable for everyone. It is spectacular, sensational, experiential and very entertaining. 

It’s also interesting to see how people interact with it; kids run around and try to follow the moving patterns, some people lay down and stay still and become part of the piece, some people walk around slowly reaching their hands out as if they are trying to physically feel the movement of the visuals and the sounds.

The Transfinite at Park Avenue Armory

The Transfinite at Park Avenue Armory

The Transfinite at Park Avenue Armory

It creates a strange friction by delivering aggression and calm at the same time. Your mind goes blank and numb. The experience transcends your senses to the infinite. Defining the infinite is up to you: this universe we live in, the vast amount of information that we absorb on a daily basis without realizing, the unknown future or it could simply be meaningless.
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