ToBe: Nick Dangerfield and Parte

Curator: Joaquín Urbina
date: April 22, 2014
Categories: Entertainment Design, Experience Design
Overlapping gradients

Visual promiscuity and digital catharsis... ToBe is like an open source collage platform, a huge blank canvas, called a field, where you can drag and drop almost any kind of media you fancy: images, animated gifs, videos, music, etc. 

By using a simple and intuitive interface you can create your own collage artworks, share them with the rest of the community or invite other creators to interact with your field. You can also print your newly designed masterpiece and sell it as T-shirt.

For me, making collages is all about breaking the rules, avoiding logic, disrespecting the image source and submerging into the mystery of randomness. Therefore, I consider ToBe to be an amazing application for visceral graphic creation and therapeutic catharsis. My favorite tool: the absence of undo.

How it works.

Visual promiscuity

Stencil it

Wearing the randomness (T-shirts by TheRodina)

ToBe was developed by Nick Dangerfield and Parte team. (Only works on Chrome and Safari 6.1)

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