Touch Feeling: Bob Chen

Curator: Adam Wong
date: December 5, 2013
Categories: Environmental Graphic Design, Experience Design

Touch Feeling furniture features new use of old materials, natural texture and industrial senses. Touch Feeling furniture, such as closets and chairs, seem like perfect combinations of wood and metal. Practical in function, they capture a sense of form and nature in design.

The designs take classic Chinese furniture as a prototype and readjust their tactility, proportion, craft, visual effect, detail and quality. The designers’ outlook on life is transmitted through Touch Feeling’s design concept—return to your own heart.

Bob Chen, the designer of Touch Feeling, is also a talented graphic designer in China. His design is concise and graphically impressive. There are essential differences between 2-D graphic design and 3-D furniture design, but the aesthetic of both resonates. Touch Feeling demonstrates Chen’s design potential in a new light.

One side product of China’s rapid development is boredom that prevails in most cities – monotonous architectures, local cultures and pursuits. Touch Feeling is a notable exception in a sea of tasteless repetition. It creates a balance between industrial mass production and traditional craftsmanship, transforming it into an antagonistic harmony. Tranquility, or a peaceful return to nature, is the first thing that attracts me to Touch Feeling.  
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