Letterpress Prints: Tracy Honn

Curator: Bill Moran
date: January 28, 2013
Categories: Typography
Tags: chromatic fonts, Letterpress, wood type
Photo by Tracy Honn
This triptych of prints by Tracy Honn shows the pure geometric fun that can be had with chromatic wood type.

Tracy Honn of Silver Buckle Press in Madison, Wisconsin created this stunning array of experimental prints using the Van Lanen font designed by Matthew Carter and cut by Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum.

Tracy is a master printer and currently serves as printer in residence at Hamilton Wood Type. She immediately recognized the visual possibilities that Matthew Carter envisioned when he designed this font in 2004. Chromatic fonts are multicolor faces that allow the printer to create both a foreground and background when printing.

Photo by Tracy Honn
This lockup on a Vandercook proofing press uses the male portion of the font.

Photo by Tracy Honn
Progressive proofs show the complexity of nesting one color inside another.

Photo by Tracy Honn
With wood type all things are possible.

I truly envy Tracy’s handsome prints. Her color schemes and clever use of two-part letterforms makes me want to run straight to my press and start working.
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