Trade School: OurGoods

Curator: Ethan Bodnar
date: September 2, 2011
Categories: Experience Design
Shot and edited by Alex Mallis

Trade School is a series of classes where people barter for instruction. It has become a creative and forward-moving community that has gathered twice in New York City and has upcoming events in Milan, Virginia and London.

The story of Trade School as told on their website:

“So, from February 25th to March 1st, 2010, we ran Trade School at GrandOpening in the Lower East Side. Over the course of 35 days, more than 800 people participated in 76 single session classes. Classes ran for 1, 2, or 3 hours and ranged from scrabble strategy to composting, from grant writing to ghost hunting. In exchange for instruction, teachers received everything from running shoes to mixed CDs.”

With Trade School, the focus is the design of the system and figuring out how people interact with that system and get engaged. The experience they have created is truly an innovative form of education. The idea of bartering is not a new one, but by mixing it with education and a community of people who are passionate about learning and teaching, the result is a truly unique hybrid: an open and novel way for sharing ideas and exchanging knowledge.
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