Two Bettys: Aesthetic Apparatus

Curator: Mikey Burton
date: March 15, 2012
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Entertainment Design, Illustration, Packaging Design
Tags: Color, Handmade, identity, logo, Print, screen, screen-print

Since design school, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Aesthetic Apparatus. They’re the main reason I (like many) started making gig posters. I still remember seeing this Meat puppets poster in a few magazines and thinking how cool/different it was. I love that these dudes are still making jaw-dropping work like this hand crafted identity system for twin-cities-based Two Bettys Green Cleaning Service.

I could talk at length about this amazing project, but they have a beefy, 5-part process post on their blaawg that covers everything. I will say that I love the Howard Hughes approach to this project: They’re not just dreaming up these creations, but also designing, illustrating, printing AND physically building them too. So often we design work and send it off into the void for it to come back with unanticipated errors. No matter what PMS color we spec, or how many press checks we go on, sometimes these flaws are just unavoidable. The amount of control that these guys have over the process is a testament to the beautifully executed final product. 

Also, look at this awesome poster artifact.
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