Two Crown King Album Cover: Jacqui Oakley and Poly Studio

Curator: Darren Booth
date: April 20, 2012
Categories: Illustration, Packaging Design
Tags: illustration, Jacqui Oakley, Jamie Lawson, Lion, Poly Studio

It’s a beautiful thing when an illustration and a design work together so well that your only response is to drool all over your keyboard. This album cover illustrated by Jacqui Oakley and designed by Poly is really stunning and drool enducing.  

It’s so easy to respect someone’s work when it’s as good as Jacqui’s because it’s armed with so much skill and grace. Her portfolio is full of great drawing and painting skill but she also has a knack for creating moods that are very dramatic and breathtaking. She also shares a lot of the process and inspirations behind her pieces on her blog, which is also quite a treat.  

You can follow Jacqui Oakley and Poly Studio on Twitter: @JacquiOakley and @poly_studio
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