Typographical Space: Wolff Olins

Curator: Jennifer Sterling
date: May 1, 2013
Categories: Typography
Wolff Olins, Typographical space

In this simple (yet intricately complex) piece, I’m intrigued by the deceptive simplicity—yet highly skilled typographical execution—of the “office” composite, with its seeming abandon of fluorescent post draped architecturally across the space. I want it...and I want to know how to do it. Two of my highest compliments.

Multinational Wolff Olins states that they are “an influential brand business.” Their mission...? “We help clients break away from their competitors by becoming something unique”—and producing brilliant work.

(Finally, a firm’s mission statement that seems completely accurate.)

To view more work by Wolff Olins, visit wolffolins.com.

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