Uglydoll OX: David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim

Curator: Karin Fong
date: March 13, 2013
Categories: Entertainment Design
Tags: Toy

I had to smile upon seeing the graffiti above. You see, all I have do is draw that one circular eye with the “x” for the other, and my two-year-old will gleefully exclaim, “Ox!”

Now that’s strong character design. (Side note: How can a typographer not appreciate the name? The O+X also symbolize hugs and kisses, according to the website… )


The award-winning Uglydoll toys, created by David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim, are hardly newcomers to the scene. But I continue to be delighted by the consistency, playfulness and longevity of their Uglyverse, both in the creation of new characters and also in variations of the classic ones. Here, Ox remixed: 

Variety announced earlier this year that things have “gotten Ugly” at Universal, who will partner with Pretty Ugly to translate their franchise across digital platforms. So far the creators have been really great at keeping the original spirit alive, even as their reach has multiplied exponentially. Let’s hope that continues. I’m rooting for their brand of mass-market indy—an Ox-ymoron of sorts—to keep showing us how to grow with character.

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