Undercast is Overrated: Impactist

Curator: Daniel Savage
date: January 17, 2013
Categories: Motion Graphics
Tags: animation, music, promo, video
“Fck Kpop 4real”

While my interests have constantly shifted throughout my career, there are a few contemporary independent designers and animators that I continuously seek out for inspiration. One in particular is Impactist, a directing duo based out of Portland, Oregon. 

As creators, they don’t limit themselves to visual art, but instead they create original music as well. Each album they produce comes with a handful of simple—yet elegant—visual representations of the beats. Their most recent album, Undercast is Overrated, provides three animations: “Yeah,” “Rooby” and “Fck Kpop 4real.” Each one is super clever and perfectly timed to the music. 



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