Unisex Beauty Products for Teens: Sam Farmer

Curator: Femme Den
date: May 22, 2014
Categories: Advertising, Brand & Identity Design, Packaging Design
Tags: beauty products, Design, gender, teenagers, teens, unisex
Sam Farmer products

When he started shopping for deodorant for his two teenaged children, Sam Farmer noticed that all brands went to market with names like “Play It Sexy” and “Enticing” in pink, pouty bottles for girls and “Control” and “Extreme Power” in steel grey or fierce, red packaging for boys. Infuriated that these brands were promoting and enforcing gender–not to mention, sexual–stereotypes, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

He went back to school, studied cosmetic science and created a line of unisex beauty products. The Sam Farmer brand celebrates simplistic, gender-neutral packaging with a mild white tea scent that is popular with both boys and girls. The products are honest about what they are intended to do, and what is in them. Claiming he was, “fed up with not knowing who is responsible for a product or faceless call centres,” he named the brand after himself and even lists his phone number on the website.  


We love that this dad won’t settle for letting big brands market and enforce stereotypes. He keeps it simple and focused on the hygiene needs of young teens as a whole, rather than as discrete gender groups. Sam Farmer proves that we don’t need hyper-differentiated designs and products for the two genders, especially when those designs end up being a caricature of reality.

Sam Farmer Deodorant

Sam Farmer Travel Pack

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