USA TODAY website redesign: Fantasy Interactive

Curator: Cavan Huang
date: November 12, 2012
Categories: Book & Magazine Design, Brand & Identity Design, Experience Design, Information Design
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USA TODAY recently did a massive makeover of its newspaper, but the most impressive—and perhaps overlooked—aspect was the redesign of its digital platforms by Fantasy Interactive. In particular, stands out from other major news publications whose sites languish in static vertical layouts. The interface allows users to flip horizontally through articles and entire sections, like scrolling through an iPad app. Stories are easy to find in the simple three-column layouts, defined by rich colors and large gridded images. And by integrating the latest in responsive design, HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript, they have elegantly layered articles and separated advertising from editorial content in unprecedented ways. 

The video below provides a great visual summary: website launch video cover view sports page search page

Want to see some of the earlier homepage design concepts that didn’t make the cut? Gannett’s Chief Digital Officer David Payne, who oversaw the redesign, shares some of them in this Business Insider article.

  • Matt Smith

    Very interesting redesign.  Looks like they were targeting tablet users above all others.  The site itself doesn’t utilize any responsive web design techniques.  USA TODAY still has a mobile-only version and the full site doesn’t readjust when the browser viewport size is changed.

  • Robert Lindabury

    I’m using a tiles style on the latest web-app I’ve designed for a client and I’m looking to implement this same left/right movement style in it. I think the new design is great. 

    Matt: You really can’t have everything on every device. Most developers I know would rather provide a native app for various phone/tablet devices than try to make their website be everything to every device.I do responsive web for certain sites but for others it just doesn’t make sense. I think USATODAY is such a site. I don’t see the problem you’re having with It provides the same information as the full website in a quick/easy to view/read format.

  • Rutdog

    Sorry, but I’m not drinking the Kool Aid. It is totally unusable to me. Thankfully, I can go to on my phone. (And the mobile site isn’t all the horrible in my laptop browser, either.)

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