Videogrep: Sam Lavigne

Curator: Sha Hwang
date: July 3, 2014
Categories: Motion Graphics
Total Silence, made with Videogrep by Sam Lavigne

The supercut is an incredible meta-medium. Made of media, supercuts are isolation studies of film—racking up kill counts, cataloging tropes, and exposing the structures that hold movies together. There are even compilations of supercuts and supercuts of supercuts

Like the animated gif, the supercut is culture as a material to be cut, collaged, and dissected. But while there are many resources for making animated gifs (as well as the recent Loop Findr project by Colin Burger), supercuts are notoriously tedious to make. A recent project by Sam Lavigne, Videogrep, is a tool to generate supercuts automatically from searching through subtitle information. If previously, supercuts were made with basswood and box cutters, videogrep is a laser cutter. 

The results are, as you would expect, amazing. Extracting all the “time” puns in the movie In Time becomes more idle curiosity than devoted fandom. Supercuts that require more accuracy than subtitles can provide—for instance, isolating all the silence in Total Recall—have rough corners, but are still captivating to watch. Hopefully someone will be developing integration with Cinemetrics, the database of shot timings.
One Point Perspective, supercut of Kubrick films by Kogonada
Time in Time, made with Videogrep by Sam Lavigne

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