Vintage Apple Prototypes: Hartmut Esslinger

Curator: Joe Marianek
date: June 4, 2014
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Corporate Communications Design, Experience Design
Tags: Apple, Esslinger, Floppys, Foam-Core, Pastels, Pin-Stripes
Just in time for 1985.

Apple rarely lets prototypes out of the door these days, but Hartmut Esslinger's book, Keep it Simple contains a bounty of foam-core mockups and lurid insights on their relationship from the early days.

Esslinger's collaboration with Steve Jobs resulted in the matchy-matchy "Snow White" design language featuring white plastic, pinstripes, slanted buttons with italic typography and soft rounded corners (which remain an iconic feature on Apple hardware).

Thinner. Lighter. Pastelier.

The angle you've been waiting for.

More on The Verge.

    wow-wee. most of these design innovations look dry. pass me a glass of milk

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