Vipera: A Collaboration Between Luca Zamoc and Ferran Gisbert

Curator: Gemma O'Brien
date: August 18, 2014
Categories: Art, Illustration
Tags: art, painting, spain
Luca Zamoc
Ferran Gisbert paints with a 2m wide homemade brush.

As guest artists at Valencia's Poliniza Street Art Festival in May 2014, Luca Zamoc and Ferran Gisbert spontaneously decided to collaborate on a piece that combines their individual approaches to large-scale painting. The result is "Vipera," a 10-meter long snake that wraps around the wall of the city's Polytechnic University. 

It’s rare to find a collaboration that organically combines two artist’s unique styles, while still retaining their individuality. The artists only created a quick sketch on paper before "free styling" on the wall. Zamoc detailed the snake’s head and tail while Gisbert used a handmade two-meter wide paintbrush to create the body in a single stroke (a technique he often uses in his solo work). Zamoc remarked on how surprised they both were by how seamlessly their two parts came together. "The scale of the snake skin perfectly merged with the texture left by the brush strokes." 

In my own practice I make calligraphic brush work and illustration separately, and have often wanted to experiment with combining the energy of single strokes with the patterns of detailed illustration. Zamoc and Gisbert's piece certainly left me convinced that even at a large scale, this can be achieved in a simple and beautiful way.  

Luca Zamoc
Gisbert and Zamoc combine their unique skills to create Vipera.

Luca Zamoc
Detail of the brush texture joining the illustration.

Luca Zamoc
The completed work.

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