Visualizing the Republican Debate (Infographic): Greg Hubacek

Curator: Eric J. Smith
date: September 28, 2011
Categories: Information Design

Philadelphia-based designer Greg Hubacek created this remarkable infographic for GOOD.

Based on statistics compiled by Google at the recent Fox News–sponsored debate in Tampa, Hubacek created an illuminating illustration that encapsulates the event. Check out this infographic and interactive timeline to see how the debate evolved over the course of 95 minutes, then hit the “play” buttons to see clips from particular moments. 

We know exactly how much airtime the jobs crisis took up: 26 percent of the 95-minute debate. And though there were nine candidates on stage, two of them—Rick Perry and Mitt Romney—accounted for a full 34 percent of the event.

The thoughtful and remarkable infographics that GOOD presents are always a source of inspiration for me. This one is so enlightening for what it shows was absent from the debate (the environment) as well as what was included. It is a great example of clear, understandable and well-considered design.
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