Web Lab: Science Museum, London

Curator: Julia Zeltser
date: April 16, 2013
Categories: Brand & Identity Systems Design, Design for Entertaining, Illustration
Tags: exhibit, interactive, Web
Web Lab Identity

Web Lab consists of five interactive Chrome experiments that highlight how internet experiences connect to real life. The year-long public exhibit is on display online and in the Science Museum, London, through June 2013. It enables people across the world to draw portraits in sand, create music, teleport to various faraway places, see where images live and browse a library of visitors’ creations. It’s an exciting website and requires a good chunk of time for discovery. 

Many partners (Tellart, Universal Design Studio, Bibliothèque, Fraser Randal and B-Reel) were involved in making this exhibit happen. The hard work has paid off! Web Lab has a lot to marvel about. There is mind-boggling technology and machinery, animations to explain what tools were used, exhibition design and signage. 

The work of B-Reel stood out the most to me. The agency was responsible for the branding and web interface design. Not a small task considering that the majority of people visiting exhibit will be online. B-Reel created a fun and colorful identity and a friendly web interface that invites exploration and learning about the power of the modern web, time over time. Job well done!

Web Lab’s five experiment icons

Web Lab’s universal orchestra

Web Lab’s teleporter

P.S. Look at the site in Chrome for the best viewing results.
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