What Happens When Photographer Bob Martus Shows Up at a Bike Rally?

Curator: Michael Freimuth
date: July 30, 2014
Categories: Photography
Tags: art, bicycles, Photography

Bob Martus is hitting his prime—and I think everyone can tell. The Detroit-born, New York-based photographer just is his work. Not that he’s a workaholic (he likes his rosé way too much), but he’s got a definitive style you can read as soon as you meet him, and it comes through in his image-making.

I just landed on his stunning "Cyclists" series. As is typical for Bob, this was an impromptu shoot. He showed up at a bike rally, threw down a black sweep and convinced a few of the participants to hang out post race. (To be fair, there was probably a touch more planning than that.)

I’m not sure if I’m more into the graphic nature of these shots (not to mention the typography on the apparel), the personalities he captures or the juxtaposition of the dramatic lighting and neon hues, but I’m smitten. I mean, "#43D" (pictured at the very top) looks like a super hero, and the kid in the "Monster" hat (below) is all business (and probably sponsored by Monster). Looking at these, I’m inspired to go out and make something.



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