When Will You Die? TMBG Video: Office of Paul Sahre

Curator: Mikey Burton
date: March 14, 2012
Categories: Advertising, Entertainment Design, Environmental Design, Motion Graphics
Tags: Craft, Hearse, Monster, music, paper, Paul Sahre, Truck, video
“When Will You Die?” by They Might Be Giants

I love this They Might Be Giants video by the Office of Paul Sahre. I have so much respect for Paul! Is it because he’s an amazing designer, witty illustrator and foosball god? Or is it simply because we share the same Alma mater. It’s because he’s a humble dude who consistently churns out amazing work every year (check out the timeline).

I always hope the client or art director will pick my oddest idea, and Paul thought up a weird one. The vinyl album artwork for Join Us featured a screen-print inspired vehicle mash-up (which is cool in its own right), but he didn’t stop there. With some paper craft engineering, Paul made it possible to download and print a life-size working paper model of the Monster Hearse! I guess he figured no one would have the time or energy to do this, so for the “When Will You Die?” video, Paul and company made this PDF a monstrous reality and documented the process.

Join Us LP

Official They Might Be Giants Life-Size Paper Monster Truck Hearse!

Paul, keep being awesome! You’re and inspiration to us all!

  • Rebelliouslabelle

    At first I didn’t get it, but when they put on the suits and were escorting the vehicle to the recycling station it hit me, genius, absolutely genius!  It is a conversation starter between young and old alike and may change some lives, but not all.  Some people just don’t get recycling and it’s benefits and the fact that our waste is what is killing the planet!  Thank you for all the effort and genius. 

  • robert w. petrick

    did not get it. waste of time and effort as it is to write this.

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