I Heart the Hover Board

Curator: Michael Freimuth
date: July 31, 2014
Categories: Design in Film, Product Design
Tags: Film, product, sports
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I’m a huge nerd. I reflexively try to hide it, but it comes through if you’re looking in the right places or catch me at the right (wrong?) time. Or if you’re my girlfriend. I’m into science fiction, and always have been. What does this mean? That typically you can find me wandering over to the Manga section in Barnes & Noble, or reading novels set in dystopian futures and/or in outer space (Red Rising, anyone)? And ‘science’ movies? Let’s. Not. Even. Start.

So, perhaps unsurprisingly (don’t laugh), a favorite inspiration of mine is the indomitable hover board. Although I think this stunt was hurtful for some of us, hover board maker Huvrtech's premise is all right. I love the idea of the hover board. It's an object of magic, at once futuristic and a vestigial cultural relic. The fact that it's '80s-ized is just a bonus. 

Ultimately, the hover board encourages me to make things up, to imagine and to play—and it makes me want to force Mattel (or Hasbro or anybody) to actually make the thing.

via Wikicommons

via Wikicommons

Courtesy Huvr Tech

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