Why I've Watched UPA's "Gerald McBoing Boing" 100+ Times

Curator: Erica Gorochow
date: November 17, 2014
Categories: Design in Film, Entertainment Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Tags: animation, drawing

Like many working in animation today, I grew up obsessively drawing cartoons. It wasn’t until college, however, that I was introduced to the rebels at UPA

Working in a style that came to be known as “limited animation,” UPA was formed in conscious contrast to Disney’s perfectionism. Their films embraced applying design to animation in wildly interpretive ways. So much of their language laid the foundation for the future field of motion graphics.

For me, their crown jewel was the 1950 short Gerald McBoing Boing. The film bursts with creative composition and strikingly smart use of color, not to mention a cleverly compact story that’s perfect for the medium. I’ve probably watched it 100+ times. It continues to beg me to take advantage of all the freedom that animation affords.

If McBoing Boing floats your boat, I highly suggest diving into Amit Amidi’s book, Cartoon Modern.

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