WITU tote—the only bag you'll ever need

Curator: DANIEL - EMMA
date: April 27, 2015
Categories: Product Design
WITU tote bag

Elise Wilken and Natalie Turnbull are the girls behind team Witu. The pair met while working on the door of a Melbourne punk club, originally bonding over being the least punk girls ever and their mutual green-smoothie appreciation. A friendship was born.

They started Witu modestly with the mission to create the perfect everyday tote—a neoprene bag that was nonchalant, robust, and had the optimum arm strap length. The bag was a hit. This one signature tote eventually evolved to seasonal neoprene collections encompassing bags, clutches, and tech accessories, designed by Nat and Elise.

Not to be confused with gangster slang 'wit u', Witu is actually a hybrid of their surnames. The sentiment, however, rings true. Once you add a bit of Witu to your life, it's designed to stay with you forever. It's super monogamous like that. 

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