Yellow Clock: Schoolhouse Electric

Curator: Jen Bilik
date: December 6, 2012
Categories: Entertainment Design

Knock Knock goes to New York City three times a year, for the two gift shows (the NYIGFs) and the National Stationery Show. On one of these trips, we always do a big store crawl, spending all day going to different hand-picked retailers to see what they’re selling, how they’re merchandising, what’s hot, what’s not, etc. This past August, we visited a recently opened store I’d read about—Schoolhouse Electric. 

This company—based in Portland, Oregon—will make your mouth water. Their wares include furniture and linens, as well as lighting and electric items such as cloth-covered extension cords that are simply to die for. I’ve always wanted Knock Knock to do clocks, and we still might—one day. While our clocks would probably lean a bit more toward the witty and/or conceptual versus the classic, deep down inside, this is, to me, the perfect clock. Oh, the yellow. Oh, the size (17.5 inch diameter), not too small. Tick tock—okay, I just bought it.

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