Acting Things I: Judith Seng

Curator: The Principals
date: August 30, 2012
Categories: Entertainment Design, Environmental Design, Experience Design, Motion Graphics
Tags: Judith Seng
Acting Things I (Video by Esther Görocs and Dimitar Ruszev; Design by Judith Seng)

As you might expect from other posts, The Principals have close ties to the Berlin design scene. Any city that still has “Happenings” is a city we can get down with. Berlin-based designer Judith Seng has taken the “Happening” and expanded on it—from its traditional artistic context into design. Her project Acting Things, “a series of experiments into the possibilities of production processes around objects,” started in 2011 at the HAU

Participants were asked to convert a theater stage into a dining room by constructing tables, then dining on them. The resulting tables are preserved, and, when “looked at in another context, they seem like traces of the individual operations; their fragility and temporality pay tribute to the process of making.” 

What we love most about this video is the stark contrast between the blond wood and the dark stage. Dotted by the fluttering activity of participants, the ordered islands incrementally break down into gastronomic micro-colonies—overlapping, combining or breaking away.  The resulting furniture pieces are ruins of great civilizations, whose shape and wear stand less as acts of design than as historical records.

Judith Seng, Acting Things I

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