Randomness: MOMO

Curator: Agnieszka Gasparska
date: January 2, 2013
Categories: Environmental Design, Illustration
Tags: Art & Design, Collage, Eye Candy, street art
MOMO print in Kiss Me I'm Polish office

As we try and ease our brains back into regular work mode, here’s some of our favorite eye candy to help sweeten the transition. MOMO’s super simple, highly graphic, and oh so sweet street posters—of which we are lucky to have three in our studio—are part graphic porn, part sheer math geekery.

If you live in Brooklyn, these may be somewhat familiar. Usually composed of three graphic elements, pulled at random from a finite set, and arranged in an entirely different composition each time, these newsprint gems began appearing on scaffolds and construction site fences (there happen to quite a lot of those around here) a few years ago. My personal obsession eventually led me to the source and the discovery of MOMO, a then-New-York-based-now-traveling-all-over-the-place artist who plays with systems and chance to create his work. This particular poster series was one product of a larger body of work based on shuffling, collage and the random reconfiguring of visual elements: MOMO Maker.

MOMO street print series

More recently, MOMO’s interest in unconventional collage and randomness has led to a series of found wood sculptures in empty window and door spaces in the French city of Besançon, and a series of incredible wall murals all over the U.S.
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